Baking is to Tezos what mining is to Bitcoin. Instead of using a proof-of-work system like Bitcoin, Tezos is based on a proof-of-stake system. Instead of burning computing power to earn the right to create a block, bakers obtain rights when the Tezos they own (or which are delegated to them) are randomly selected.

Delegating is transferring the baking rights of your Tezos to a baker. Tezos themselves are still under your control, but the delegate can bake on your behalf. Delegating allows to earn interest on your Tezos without having to set up a baking node, which requires tech knowledge, specific hardware, security measures and a significant investment (currently at least 8’000 XTZ).

No. Tezos stay under your control all the time, the baker cannot touch them. There is also no freeze or lock of any kind, you can always use all your funds immediately if you need to.

We charge a 10% dynamic fee on all rewards

Payments are made each cycle, Normally start from 13th cycle

A bond is an amount the baker must put as guarantee when it bakes or endorses a block, to ensure it will not try to cheat the network. If the baker is caught trying to cheat, e.g by double baking, the bond is forfeited. Only the baker risks losing bonds, as a delegator you never put your funds at risk.

You need our delegation address, tz1LnWa4AiFCjMezTgSNa65QFoo7DQGEWgEU, a Tezos wallet and some XTZ. You can check below detailed instructions on how to delegate with your favorite wallet.

There is no sign up requirement whatsoever. Anyone who delegates to us will get paid provided we are not overdelegated, without any further action. If we reach overdelegation, rewards will be paid on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Every time a baker creates a block or endorses one, it must put a bond as collateral to guarantee it will not try to cheat the network. If the baker doesn’t have enough funds available to put as collateral, it can’t bake or endorse the block it is entitled to and forfeits the rewards associated.